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At the rate Earths forests are being cleared, which is on a massive scale, means the rain forests could completely vanish
"Bee friendly!"
Due to losing their natural habitat, our bee's are dying out at an alarming rate!
Over the past 60 years the 
​bee's have lost over 97% of
in a hundred years!!!. The deforestation​​ often damages the quality of the land, and is pushing many animal species to the edge of extinction, like the orangutans.
​grassland habitats, which is a shocking fact, but all is not lost, as this disaster can be prevented. People are already creating bee friendly areas all over the Country, and everyone can get involved, in one way or another, like putting aside a patch in their garden and sowing some wildflower seeds,
There are many reasons why
the forests are being cut down, but money and people providing for their families are a major factor. 
The biggest cause of deforestation is due to agriculture, where farmers are cutting forests down to make room for growing crops, and, or, grazing livestock. Many small farmers cut down and clear a few acres of trees to plant crops to feed their families, the trees are burnt, which is called "slash and burn" agriculture.
this would create a natural habitat for the bee's, which would give them food and shelter.​
The survival of British bee's is vital for the pollination of flowers, plants and crops, which in turn help support other species, including humans!. Without the bee's it would put our whole economy, our children and grandchildrens future at risk, this is how important it is for the survival of the bee's.
​There are also countless trees cut down every year, due to loggers, and some are illegal, they carve roads out, so they can reach trees further within the forest, this leads to further the deforestation. These loggers provide the worlds wood and paper, forests are also
cut down to clear land for urban sprawl, and as the worlds population continues to grow at the current rate, this means more and more trees will be lost to clear more land for development!
​The most damaging effects of deforestation is the millions of species losing their habitats, around 70% of all land animals and plants live in the forest, but can't cope with the loss of their homes, this is putting them all at serious risk, and pushing them ever closer to extinction!
There are other negative effects from deforestation, which include driving climate change, the soil in the forest is kept moist, due to the trees blocking the sun,  they stop the soil from drying out, but without these trees,  land that was once forests just dry out and end up as baron deserts. The fact is that the more trees cut down the more damage caused, not only to the land left behind by deforestation but to all the animals and plant life that depend on it's habitat.
Worldwide, bee's pollinate around 75% of our main food crops, which include some of 
our favourite fruits and vegatables like, strawberries, apples and tomatoes.
Scientists have said that without the bee's it would cost about 1.8 Billion to pollinate all UK crops by hand every year!!! 
​So, now it's time to help support the bee's who help support us!!!
Greenhouse gases are absorbed by the trees, so fewer forests mean more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, which adds to the speed of global warming. We can't ignore the devastating effects deforestation is having on planet Earth, the only way forward is to stop cutting down the trees.
​Although in recent years there has been a slow down of deforestation, the sad fact is that the financial benefits gained from this action means it's unlikely to last for long.
Due to all this selfish madness, and misplaced loyalties, we are killing the forests, animals and plants, poisoning the atmosphere, and upsetting the whole ecosystem, all in the name of progress!!!, we must act now, to save the forests before they are a thing of the past!!!
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