Nicole Loueze/Writer


A Poet's words of personal opinion, once private in their mind of thoughts, then triggered off by inspiration, written down, for life their caught!
"This Selfish Madness!!"
Price the Earth has paid, for progress that we've made, pollution in the air, poison everywhere,  destruction thats been done, through wars we've lost and won, the proof is plain to see, when we watch it on TV.
Now as the years have passed us by, we've realised what we've done, the damage to the ozone, that protects us from the sun, oil spills from tankers, washed up on our beaches, environmental damage done, and the death of wildlife species.
The melting of the ice shelves, from fossil fuels we burn, in time will raise the sea levels, which is cause for great concern, now the problems that we face, through loyalties misplaced, it's time we saw the light, only we can put it right.
Now the  facts are here before us, and action we must take, to stop this selfish madness, for the Earth and furures sake!
"The Big Bang!!"
Once upon a time something magical happened, that put the wheels in motion, from darkness and chaos came an almighty bang, the Earth was created with the land and the oceans.
First came all the grass and plants, eventually the trees, then the birds flocked from the sky, gliding on the gentle breeze.
The animals came from the wilderness, the fish born in the sea, insects came from everywhere, like the ants and bumble bees.
This paradise was peaceful, and everything in place, until one day the caveman came, with the rest of the human race!!!
"No One Seems To Care!!"
Homeless people walk the streets, in worn out shoes, with blistered feet, looking for somewhere to stay, so they can sleep the night away.
Under arches you will find them there, as the fire burns they sit and stare, sheltered from the wind and rain, listening to the midnight train.
The bag lady sits on the seat, as the road sweeper sweeps his beat, she is often there night and day, as people pass her on their way.
No one seems to care, for these fellows in despair, living day by day, some trying to find a way, to achieve their hopes and dreams like selling magazines.
Now it's time for us to understand, and offer them a helping hand, they all have reasons for being there, and sometimes life just is not fair!
"Nowhere left to Hide"
In the fight for all the power, peace got left behind, it's left this world so sour, and safety's hard to find.
Look what the the wars have done, and the progress been undone, loved ones left to die, as the children screem and cry.
All the death and the desruction, left upon the land, like the war torn streets of fire, where the houses used to stand.
The devastation and the bloodshed, has spreed so far and wide, it's filled our world with fear, and there's nowhere left to hide!
"Crying silent Tears"
Your future passes by, when your life's lost in the past, while looking for the answers to the questions that you ask.
The further back you go, the more you hope to find,  as you try to understand all the torment in your mind.
From feelings deep inside you, that's torn your world apart, frustrated by the anger, and the aching in your heart.
Running from your fears, lacking self belief, somehow you get this far, carrying all this grief.
Lonely in your sadness, you've wondered through the years, mixed up with emotions, crying silent tears!
"Remember all the fun!"
When we lose someone so close, they are always on our mind, in our hearts and dreams, never hard to find.
It's only when we sit and talk, of all the things the've done, sat in sadness, but then we laugh, as we remember all the fun.
When we miss them more than ever, and the grief is hard to bare, just  take solace, in the thought,  that one day we'll meet them there.
So until that day, we wish them, everlasting peace and love, and may their angels keep them safe, on their eternal path above!
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